Swayam offers exclusive personality profiling for both Individuals and Groups. You assess your 'own self', and
Swayam Personality Assessment Test is an unbiased outcome which reflects who you truly are and why you
are the way you are.

Here's a step-by-step guide of how to go about taking the test and getting your reports.

Step one

Enter details to complete the registration process. Click here to Register.

step 2

You will be directed to a payment gateway that will help you complete the process for paying your fee.

The report generated after you answer the questionnaire is comprehensive and details out the personality characteristics that describe you.

Having trouble to decide which report to go for, click on the following link for more info.What report do I take

Name of Report In INR
Tridosha Short Report 1000.00 View Sample Report here
Triguna Short Report 1000.00 View Sample Report here
Yoga Report 2000.00 View Sample Report here
Tridosha Report 2000.00 View Sample Report here
Triguna Report 2000.00 View Sample Report here
Ayurveda Report 3500.00 View Sample Report here
16 CPT Report 2000.00 View Sample Report here
SWOT Analysis Report 3000.00 View Sample Report here
Career Guidance Report 2500.00 View Sample Report here
Personality Report 3500.00 View Sample Report here
Master Report 5000.00 View Sample Report here

Below mentioned is the list of Upcoming reports which will be available for download by March end.

Students Career Guidance Reports
Name of Report In INR
High School 3000.00
PUC/ +2 4000.00
Undergrad or after 12 5000.00
Trainers/Mentors 5000.00
Health and wellness: Body-Mind analysis reports
Name of Report In INR
Body type Report (Short Q) 1000.00
Body type Report (Long Q) 2000.00
Mental type Report (Short Q) 1000.00
Mental type Report (Long Q) 2000.00
Combined body-mind Report (Short Q) 3000.00
Combined body-mind Report (Long Q) 3500.00
Combined body-mind detailed analysis Report (Only Long Q) 4000.00
Counselling Report (Only Long Q) 5000.00


Once your payment is recorded, you will get a login and password, which makes you eligible to take on the test. There are 3 sections and each section has to be completely answered at a stretch.

As soon as you complete the test, the report gets automatically generated which is a result of your answers to the questionnaire.


Also on offer is a Personal Consultation with Dr Shilpa Datar, who will personally answer your queries and counsel you. You can mail her at info@swayam.life. However, this is only an optional service.

Why should you take the Psychometric Tests at Swayam:

  • To get a better understanding of your personality
  • Identify problem areas in your life.
  • To know your inherent strengths and weakness so as to highlight strengths and try and overcome weaknesses
  • Modify behaviour
  • To know the psychological aspect of your dominant Dosha / Guna combination
  • To recruit employees best suited for your organization
  • For a scientific re-organization of existing human resources in any organization