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Our Assessment methodology has been researched, designed and developed to help people understand themselves better. The result is an authentic and scientific evaluation of your personality, based on standardized Psychological Testing and Assessment.

Swayam® holistic personality assessment is a combination of the physiological and the psychological characteristics that we are all comprised of. Swayam® Assessment software computes using various combination of these traits to arrive at a complete and accurate evaluation of your personality.

The entire process of designing and developing the assessment has undergone rigorous scientific testing as per internationally accepted standards and is patent pending.

Why Swayam®

Personality Assessment is the key to understanding your true potential and unlocking it.
From Human Resources to students and individuals, everyone can benefit from evaluating their personality type.

Student Career Compass

Which career should I choose?

In a world of increasing competition, students are under immense pressure to choose from the thousands of options available to them, leading to confusion. Swayam®’s Online Personality Assessment will aid students in understanding their personality type and choose a career that is most suited to them.

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Talent Recruitment Asset for HR

Looking for the perfect candidate for a specific role?

Organizations are looking to recruit the best people with the right skills set and aptitude. Often an interview is not enough to assess a candidate and his/her capabilities. Swayam®’s Online Personality Assessment allows for a more holistic and insightful assessment of the candidate, enabling smarter and better hiring, succession planning or even restructuring decisions.

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Guide for Individuals

Looking to get deep insights?

Often individuals are found struggling to understand themselves better, leading to strained relationships, unwise financial decisions, and debilitating lifestyle choices. Swayam®’s Online Personality Assessment will assist individuals from any economic strata, age or gender to get clarity on issues and deep insights into their own behavior patterns.

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Design Philosophy

Swayam® personality tests are based on the Pancha Mahabhutas, Tridoshas and Trigunas. But, what are Tridoshas and Trigunas? Tridoshas are physiological traits, and Trigunas are the psychological states. Tri means 3 in Sanskrit and dosha is loosely translated as ‘biological type’ or physical constitution, while guna is loosely translated as 'characteristic'. Every individual is a combination of any of the three Tridoshas viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha and these three Trigunas viz. Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Please see the attached jpegs. they can give a pointer.


Evolution of Pancha Mahabhutas to Tridoshas

Tridoshas are formed when the Pancha Mahabhutas or the 5 elements combine with each other. The elements (Mahabhutas) have certain qualities, attributes and impacts on the body and mind and forms the very foundation of understanding any personality. The 5 elements with their Sanskrit terms are: Ether = Akasa, Air = Vayu, Fire = Agni, Water = Apa, Earth = Prithvi


Evolution of Tridoshas to Trigunas

Trigunas are common psychological representations of human behaviour. In fact the way we speak, the food we eat and behaviour represent one of the three gunas. These three psychological attributes are responsible for the behaviour we exhibit and the traits that are dominant in us and can be categorized as Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.


Swayam® Personality Assessment Methodology

The Tridoshas form a bottom-up approach to the understanding of a personality from the atomic and cellular level, while the Trigunas form a top-down approach from the intellectual / psychological level.

The physiological correlates of the Tridoshas play a large role in determining an individual’s likes, dislikes, wants, desires, interests, achievements and the like. This allows us to predict likely behaviour and the kind of work or professional culture that they are best suited for.

Likewise, the test that assesses the Triguna combinations in a person, helps us in predicting work-place ethics, cultural ethos, leadership values, spirituality, commitment to work situations and the like.

By combining the Trigunas and the Tridoshas, we get a comprehensive personality profile of a person.

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