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Outlook magazine:
The practical applications of Dr. Datar’s work has been mentioned from the Vedic perspective and understanding; also mentioning testing from Vedic perspective which might become de-rigueur in days to come. Read More
October 3, 2011 issue: pg. 58/60


This article is an account of the steps taken by Dr. Datar to establish her business and become a successful entrepreneur, with help from different quarters; her journey so far including the glitches and the successes she has faced with aplomb.Read More
July 2, 2012: posted by Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBFW)


Eenaadu Telugu magazine:
This article details how Dr. Datar, being a house-wife was able to conceive of and develop a software to assess personality from the Indian perspective of Tridoshas and Trigunas leading her to establish an online business that has garnered much attention. Read More
November 24, 2013 Sunday special issue: pg. 9


The New Indian Express:
In this newspaper article the writer has encapsulated Dr. Datar’s work and how she developed the software and its uses. Read More
December 14, 2013: Saturday supplement edition: pg.3


Brummel (European magazine):
In this leading European magazine, the power of women coming together to help and mentor one another to establish a successful business enterprise is talked about. Dr. Datar who is a mentee at the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women has been teamed up with Ms. Maha El Dimachki who is mentoring her on her journey so far. Dr. Datar was invited to London by CBFW and BAML to share her thoughts on women entrepreneurship along with Ms. El Dimachki and Mrs. Cherie Blair. Read More
December 2013 issue: pg. 93-95


The Daily Mail, London:
In this Newspaper article Mrs. Cherie Blair talks about the CBFW and how it helps women across the globe establish their businesses. She mentions the work of Dr. Shilpa Datar to show it as an example of how CBFW has helped women across the world. Read More
The Daily Mail, London: February 16, 2014

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By taking the personality test I was able to discover and understand myself better. This has in-turn given me the skills to navigate my business with the right mindset.

- Nuraan Alli – Jassat
Chief Executive,
Greeenovate Solutions and
Projects, Sandton, South Africa.