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Swayam Online Personality Assessment Empowers You

Each of us is born with a set of unique personality traits. It is important for each of us to understand these traits in order to lead a more purpose filled and meaningful life. Swayam’s Online Personality Assessment outlines a path that can help you do more with your life.
• Unlock the secret potential of your personality
• Understand your strengths
• Learn to manage your weaknesses
• Change your behaviour patterns
• Improve your relationships

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An Enabling and Essential Tool For Deeper Insights

For Human Resources (HR)
Make better hiring decisions.

For Students (High School, Under Graduates and Post Graduates)
Get clarity on your career paths to choose from.

For Individuals
Make informed decisions on your lifestyle choices.

Powerful Mind-Body-Spirit Synthesis To Understand And Discover Yourself

Swayam Personality Assessment is based on years of research, deep study and analysis of ancient Indian scriptures and traditions. We believe that every personality is a unique synthesis of the mind-body-spirit which combine to give each of us our unique personalities.

Affirmations Of Successful Assessments By Happy Test Takers

Swayam Assessments, is far more exhaustive than any other Personality Assessment. My teachers and I now have a clear picture on what areas each student needs help and on our approach to help the student based on results of this test. The assessments also helped our students consider the right career choice.

Vidya B.S.
Principal, My School
Bangalore, India

Swayam's personality assessment is wonderful and authentic. It gave us insight into our son's potential and choices of possible career options. Would recommend Swayam assessment for any person whether adult or kid who are at the crossroads of deciding his choice of career or changing the career at any point of time.

Karthikeyan Muthusamy
Bangalore, India

I had referred Dr. Shilpa to Mr. Ramesh Jois for their school children career guidance. The recommendations that Dr. Shilpa had given to the children were spot on in terms of guidance and assistance. Mr. Ramesh Jois today is a very happy person and appreciates the efforts and hard work put in by Dr. Shilpa.

Cinerama Private Limited
Bangalore, India

Everybody goes through phases of self doubt and questioning, when we wonder what we are, who we want to be and where our lives are going. The tests at Swayam helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and assisted me in choosing a career that I am truly happy in.

Priyanka H P

By taking the personality test I was able to discover and understand myself better. This has in turn given me the skills to navigate my business with the right mindset.

Nuraan AlliJassat
Chief Executive,Greenovate Solutions and Projects
Sandton, South Africa

This test is comprehensive in nature. It gives deep insights about one's personality, which can be readily used to find the right balance in one's personal as well as professional life. It has personally helped me understand some of my natural strengths and weaknesses. Thank you Swayam.

VP, Business Development, Myklassroom.com