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Swayam®, is a Sanskrit word which literally means ‘oneself’ or ‘own’.

SPA was created to help you find answers to your most basic questions about yourself - your needs, wants, thought processes, behaviour and thinking patterns. This will enable and empower you to make decisions that are well informed allowing you to grow and thrive as a person.

Swayam® is based on the ancient Indian science and wisdom. Combining this with scientific methodology, Swayam® is built and designed to derive an empirical analysis of human personality that gives a holistic, layered and an in-depth analysis of a person’s behaviour and its various modes of expression.

You can take the test as often as you like.
Students: Preferably you should take the test while in High School, in Pre-University as well as just before graduating to identify your strengths and capitalize on them for success in your career.
Human Resource: Before recruiting to screen out individuals who do not fit the culture, ethos and needs of the organization. After recruitment to identify people best suited for roles that need their strengths and traits enabling organizations to capitalize on them. As well as to identify individuals who have the capacity to take on leadership roles to lead teams well.
Health & Wellness:
Ayurveda: To know your basic Dosha-Guna combination also known as Prakriti which will determine your diet and daily regimen.
Yoga: Before starting a Yoga class to identify those Asanas and Pranayamas that you should avoid based on your Prakriti and physiological pre-disposition to develop certain illness in your life.
Swabhava: To know your-self better and to have better interactions with the people and environment around you.
Counselling: Before you go for any counselling so that your counsellor can identify trigger and pain points along with you and give you better results.

The results will depend on how honestly you can answer the comprehensive set of questions. The answers will determine your raw and stanine scores which in combination give you your personality traits and recommendations. If you give different answers every time, then the scores and thus the results may vary.

Please refer to the pricing page and the different types of tests that you can avail of.

Once you complete the test and submit it, your report will be generated in the form of a pdf which will be mailed to you or you can also download it from our website. It will be available for you to access at any time, from any-where, provided you remember your username and password to login and ask for a report. This is valid for 6 months from the date of completion of the test post which it will be archived and you would need to make a payment again if you want it to be retrieved and mailed to you. You would need to mail the administrator of the site for this.

Yes. After you have completed the tests and downloaded the report that you have preselected, if you think you would like to have another one, you can upgrade to another report by making the payment. For the second report that you upgrade to, you do not need to take the assessments again.

The SPA is designed to assess any and every individual without restrictions on gender, age, culture, region, belief, race or geography, provided they are above 18 years of age.

The SPA is a comprehensive assessment which gives a detailed analysis of your personality traits based on ancient Indian principles of Tridoshas, Trigunas and the Pancha Mahabhutas. It is usually sufficient to give you clarity and guidance on career, work or lifestyle choices. You are free to take the report and go to an independent counselor for further guidance, or approach Dr. Shilpa Datar and her team for counselling. This will be charged extra and is optional and not inclusive of the price you pay for taking the assessment.

• First identify from which sector you would like to take the assessment—Student, HR, Health & Wellness.
• Next identify which type of test you would like to take—the short version or the long version.
• Reports are based on which type of test you choose. On taking the short version of the test you cannot upgrade to other reports which need you take the long version of the test.
• Next identify which type of report you would like to take. You can see the sample reports against the different report names.
• Next you will be directed to the payment gateway to make the requisite payment, based on the report you have selected.
• Once payment is made and acknowledged by the site you will be directed to the dashboard to complete the assessments in the prescribed order.
• On completion of the assessments, your report will be mailed to the e-mail id given at the time of registering in the site.
• If you want to upgrade to another report after you have seen the report you selected, you can do it provided you have taken the long version of the test. You would need to make a payment again to take the upgraded report. You will not need to take the test again to upgrade your report.

All the questions at Swayam® are Multiple Choice Questions type where you do not need to write anything. You only need to select those statements that are most applicable to you.
Short version assessments: There are two tests with 15 questions each. This will take about 15- 20 mins or less for you to answer together.
Long version assessments: There are three parts and this takes about 60 mins or less. You need to answer all 3 parts for a thorough assessment.

Presently the assessments are available in English and Kannada languages. We are working on other languages and will release them also.

Based on your requirements and the particular age-life situation you are in, you can choose from the different sectors which are most applicable to you. Each sector has specific reports that address issues related to that area of concern. The reports available are as follows:
Students Sector:
1. Skill / Vocational training Guidance Report: For youth who want to undergo skill/ vocational training and do not know which training to choose.
2. High School Course/Stream Guidance Report: For students studying in High School grades.
3. Pre-University Course Guidance Report: For students studying in Pre-University grades.
4. Graduate Report: For students in under-graduate or post-graduate courses just before they apply to jobs/interviews.
Corporate Human Resources Sector:
1. Applicant Screening Report: For HR professionals who need to screen out individuals who do not fit the job roles that need to be filled in any organization.
2. Career Fit Report: To identify team roles that you can take up in any organization that will add to an individual’s sense of satisfaction as well as enhance the overall performance of a team.
3. Learning & Development Report for Organizations: To identify leadership traits and attributes, identify team roles that an individual would excel at, work values that drive an individual to perform, for succession planning in an organization leading to successful leadership positions. All this to build on training needs customized for different requirements in an organization.
4. Learning & Development Report for Academic Institutions: To identify personality of the individual, dominant traits and attributes, and weaknesses to customize training and development needs to improve performance within and without classroom settings in an academic institution.
Health & Wellness Sector:
1. Ayurvedic Prakriti Report: To identify an individual’s dominant Dosha and Guna Prakriti type prior to further consultation with an Ayurvedic Pandit (Doctor) for treatment/ general health maintenance.
2. Counselling Report: For professional counsellors/ therapists/ health professionals to identify key areas of dissonance and performance in an individual in a clinical setting to take further steps in treatment plans.
3. Swabhava Report: For any individual wanting to know themselves better. To identify areas of satisfaction and hidden needs in adulthood. To identify areas of pursuit when an individual is unhappy with present circumstances/life situations. To understand oneself and others around, to reduce interpersonal distress and enhance compatibility.
4. Yoga Report: To identify an individual’s unique Prakriti (Dosha-Guna combination) which will suggest Asanas and Pranayamas best suited to them and those that need to be avoided for better holistic health and well-being.
The Research Sector is used by scientists and researchers around the world who are working in the area of Indian Psychology or believe in its enduring principles to conduct research studies and draw conclusions that prove or disprove hypotheses that shape our thoughts and the way we look at behaviour today. This is not open to the public, but only for scientists and on personal interaction with Dr. Shilpa Datar.