Why Swayam

Personality Assessments are an essential building block of life. From Human Resources to students and individuals can all benefit from evaluating their personality type.

Student Career Compass:

In a world of increasing competition, students are under immense pressure to choose from the thousands of options available to them, leading to confusion. Swayam’s Online Personality Assessment would aid students in understanding their personality type and choose a career that is most suited to them.

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Talent Recruitment Asset for HR:

Organizations are looking to recruit the best people with the right skills set and aptitude. Often an interview is not enough to assess a candidate and his/her capabilities. Swayam’s Online Personality Assessment allows for a more holistic and insightful assessment of the candidate, enabling smarter and better hiring, succession planning or even restructuring decisions.

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Guide for Individuals:

Often individuals are found struggling to understand themselves better, leading to strained relationships, unwise financial decisions, and debilitating lifestyle choices. Swayam’s Online Personality Assessment will assist individuals from any economic strata, age or gender to get clarity on issues and deep insights into their own behavior patterns.

Pursuit of Health and Wellbeing proactively rather than reactively taking steps to reduce disease is a trend that is fast catching up. Swayam’s Online Prakriti Assessment will suggest Asanas and Pranayamas that are best practiced for individual Prakritis rather than a one size fits all herd formula.

Which Personality Type Are You?     Test Yourself Now!