A holistic understanding of your personality, which is your mind-body-spirit (read spiritual) composition, is Swayam ’s unique contribution to psychometric observations and analysis theory.

We have all, at some point been curious to understand ourselves better - our behaviour, our likes, dislikes, and deep within is a need and more often a quest to become better human beings.

Swayam draws its inspiration and insights from the ancient wisdom and traditions of various Indian scriptures and well known systems of thought like Ayurveda, Veda, Samkhya, Yoga, Upanishads, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Puranas, etc., and has aligned theories described in these, to describe our behaviour in the present day context.

Swayam Personality Assessment is an online psychometric test that deciphers the human mind-body combinations that each of us are made up of, and the results explain our personality composition in totality.

You will find frequent references to the terms Tridoshas and Trigunas which simply put are the physiological and the psychological characteristics that we all have. Swayam Personality Assessment will compute the combination of these traits and reveal to you the personality you have.

The process of creating the questionnaire and the procedure of assessment at Swayam have been standardized on a wide sample of people and has undergone rigorous scientific testing as per internationally accepted methods. A Patent is pending on the same.

Swayam online psychometric assessment can be answered from the comfort of your home or office space, that gives you an authentic and scientific psychometric evaluation of your personality, based on standardized Psychological Testing and Assessment.

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